I am absolutely nuts about well made sculptural knives, mostly folders, but not exclusively so, as you will see within this site.
When a certain knife hits my eye and says, “nice composition”, I just cave in and say, “yes”. I would speculate that anyone reading this, thus far, would fully understand this.

As time goes by, my tastes change, my collector's itch grows again, and I offer some of my current pieces for sale on the open market. I do this to constrain my collecting within certain sanity limits, and to justify my desire to keep my collection within my own personal preset limits.
MY GOAL: To circulate some of my collection to new owners. Making a profit is not my objective.

Click to view my available collection.This web offering is a result of my compulsive collecting. I think that through all of the years spent in my former life (the antique business), I have developed a good eye for scale, balance and proportion in sculptural objects. This is just my opinion, of course.

As an "Honorary Member of the Knifemakers Guild", together with a deep admiration, appreciation and more than a casual association with many top name professional knifemaker's, I have developed some of the relationships, industry knowledge and a trained understanding of how the long-term value in this form of collecting is derived. The knives I buy are firstly, the ones that appeal to my taste.
Click to view my available collection.
However, the pieces you find on this site that I've chosen to collect and subsequently make available from time to time are all of the finest materials and represent the highest standards in this endeavor. If you purchase one of the knives found on these pages, rest assured that they were originally purchased through a collector's eye and have been handled with the utmost of care.

Also, I am attending 8 shows this year (Las Vegas, Oregon, Solvang, Atlanta, Orlando, Blade West, San Diego Invitational and New York). If you plan to attend one of these, please look me up, as I would enjoy meeting you.

Hope you enjoy my site and passion ... pretty weak for a grown man to fall in love so easily and so often!

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